Sewwy: The 1st!

My first project with Sewwy, her little comfy quarters. She definitely liked it, it fit very well and comfy. And there’s a lot more to add on her quarter.



Threaded Necklace and Bracelet Chain

Today my daughter has Singing Competition in school and planned to use her Hello Kitty Necklace. So got this rushed idea when we found out that chain is broken and a bit rusty. And decided to recreate one since we don’t have a spare. And viola!!!!

  And she likes it very much. 
Well at the same time, got an order from our little pal Denise…   

…and so far as I speak, she’s still wearing it.

Cheers, LMae

Valentine Gifts and Crafts

February is Heart! Everyone is excited as much as we do during Christmas. It’s another way to express appreciation and love to our loved-ones and friends. So I collected some ideas we can do for coming Valentine’s Day!.

I think Mason Jar is more sweet to express it. So I picked this 54 Mason Jar Valentine Gifts and Crafts. Enjoy crafting!